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Petersartplace is Peter Turks presentation of the variety of art topics Peter dabbles in. This started as model building as a child into a full-blown maker. His model building has progressed to historic sailing ships such as the Tea Clipper the Cutty Sark. Other passions for model building are focused on his passion for motorsports, building very detailed Formula 1 and WRC Rally cars.
As Peter transitioned into a maker his art progressed from model building into Science Fiction and Fantasy ships and spaceships, villages and treehouses.
Steampunk has also become a key influence in Peters art. He incorporates a lot of watch parts and movements in the 3D pictures and cards he creates. There is also a big Victorian influence in his pictures and cards. A lot of findings are utilized in a number of 3D Steampunk Time Machines and ships.
The art shown on these pages are examples of my work, and the availability for sale depends on whether it has been sold, so please inquire if you are interested in a piece.